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Ready for Cloud Computing

OW2 FraSCAti is ready for Cloud Computing. It is already deployed in following clouds:

Cloud OW2 FraSCAti in this cloud
Amazon EC2 Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
OW2 FraSCAti in Amazon EC2 Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
Amazon EC2 Asia Pacific South East (Singapore)
OW2 FraSCAti in Amazon EC2 Asia Pacific South East (Singapore)
Amazon EC2 EU West (Ireland)
OW2 FraSCAti in Amazon EC2 EU West (Ireland)
Amazon EC2 US West (Oregon)
OW2 FraSCAti in Amazon EC2 US West (Oregon)
Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
OW2 FraSCAti in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
OW2 FraSCAti in BitNami
OW2 FraSCAti in CloudBees
Cloud Foundry
OW2 FraSCAti in Cloud Foundry
OW2 FraSCAti in DotCloud
OW2 FraSCAti in eNovance
Google App Engine
OW2 FraSCAti in Google App Engine
OW2 FraSCAti in Heroku
Inria Cloud
OW2 FraSCAti in Inria Cloud
OW2 FraSCAti in InstaCompute
OW2 FraSCAti in Jelastic
OW2 FraSCAti in OpenShift
ServInt Jelastic
OW2 FraSCAti in ServInt Jelastic

For more information, have a look to:

  1. A Federated Multi-Cloud PaaS Infrastructure. Fawaz Paraiso, Nicolas Haderer, Philippe Merle, Romain Rouvoy and Lionel Seinturier. In 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing (Cloud'12). Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. June 24-29, 2012.
  2. A Reflective Platform for Highly Adaptive Multi-Cloud Systems. Philippe Merle, Romain Rouvoy, Lionel Seinturier. In 10th International Workshop on Adaptive and Reflective Middleware (ARM'2011) at the 12th ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Middleware Conference (2011). Lisbon, Portugal. December 12, 2011. Slides.
  3. Service Oriented Applications in the Clouds with OW2 FraSCAti. Philippe Merle. Presentation and demonstration at Open Cloud Summit Session of OW2Con 2011. Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. November 24, 2011. YouTube Videos: Part 1 and Part 2.

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