Unzip the OW2 FraSCAti distribution archive and you get the following directory structure:

To compile and run SCA composites with OW2 FraSCAti, you also have to set the FRASCATI_HOME system environment variable. FRASCATI_HOME has to point to the directory where the OW2 FraSCAti runtime distribution was extracted.

[linux]   export FRASCATI_HOME=/path/to/your/FraSCAti/runtime/distribution 
[windows] set FRASCATI_HOME=C:\path\to\your\FraSCAti\runtime\distribution

For conveniance, you can add FRASCATI_HOME/bin to your PATH variable to get the frascati command available in the PATH.

Now, you are ready to develop and run SCA applications with OW2 FraSCAti.