Chapter 3. FraSCAti build tools

Table of Contents

The frascati command
FraSCAti Maven plugins
FraSCAti compiler plugin
FraSCAti launcher plugin

This chapter presents what the FraSCAti distribution provides to build your SCA applications.

The frascati command

The FraSCAti platform can be launched from a terminal with the frascati command. This command provides several features:


frascati [wsdl2java|compile|run|explorer] [OPTIONS]

  • frascati wsdl2java [OPTIONS]

    This command wraps the CXF framework and allow to generate the Java source files equivalent to a WSDL file.


        -f,--wsdl-file <arg>       the WSDL file to parse.
        -u,--wsdl-url <arg>        the WSDL URL to parse.
        -h,--help                  print this message.
        -o,--output-directory      the output directory (default:
  • frascati compile [OPTIONS]

    This command allows to compile an SCA application.

          Usage: frascati compile <src> <name>
              <src>  = directory of the sources to compile
              <name> = name of the jar to build
  • frascati run [OPTIONS]

    This command launches the FraSCAti platform for a given SCA application.

          Usage: frascati run <compositeName> [OPTION] ...
                              <compositeName> is a name of a SCA composite file.
        -h,--help                    print this message.
        -libpath <lib.jar:path/>     a separated list of jars/pathes used by the
        -m,--method-name <arg>       the name of the method to invoke. Can be
                                     only used if the -s option is specified.
        -p <param1 param2...>        a list of parameters for the method. Can be
                                     only used if the -m option is specified.
        -s,--service-name <arg>      the name of the service to use. If not
                                     specified, the composite is run in a (standalone) server mode.
  • frascati explorer

    This command launches the FraSCAti explorer AND the FraSCAti runtime (a local SCA domain).

    The default behaviour is to search for a valid $FRASCATI_HOME/sca-apps/ folder. If it exists, the content of this folder will be recursively scanned to find:

    • libraries to add to the classpath (*.jar files), and

    • SCA composite definitions (*.composite files) to load by default into the FraSCAti runtime.

          Usage: frascati explorer [-r] [-s]
        -r    Activate the remote plugin
        -s    Activate the FraSCAtiScript plugin