Calling a Weather service from FraSCAti

This section will show you how to build with FraSCAti a client of a weather web service. The weather web service is already deployed over Internet. The source code for this example can be found in the examples/weather folder of the distribution or in the trunk/examples/weather of the OW2 FraSCAti SVN repository .

Weather service interface

This example use the web service provided at It offers a GetWeather operation which provides weather information for the requested city. The service interface is defined by a WSDL document which can be retrieved in the src/main/wsdl folder or at

In this example we generate the Java interface corresponding to the provided WSDL. This Java interface is later used by the Java client implementation in order to perform service call. To generate the weather service java interface we use the Apache CXF WSDL2Java tool, available from the frascati command,. The WSDL2Java execution on the 'globalweather' WSDL result in a set of java file where net.webservicex.GlobalWeatherSOAP is the java interface for the weather web service.

Weather client implementation

We will now describe how to implement the SCA java client component of the weather web service. The SCA client is a small component which request the user for country and city name, and print current weather for this location. The implementation of the is given below :



import net.webservicex.GlobalWeatherSoap;

 * SCA Java Component implementation of a weather client

public class Client implements Runnable {
  /** Reference on the provided weather service */
  protected GlobalWeatherSoap weather;
  /** Run method for the weather client component */
  public void run() {
    try {
      BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; 
      /** Request for country name */
      System.out.println("\nWeather service");
      System.out.println("\nEnter Country Name :");
      String country = input.readLine();
      /** Request for city name */
      System.out.println("\nEnter City Name :");
      String city = input.readLine();
      /** Print 'waiting' message */
      System.out.println("\n\nGetting weather description for " + city + ", " + country + ".......\n\n");
      /** Call the weather service for the given location */
      String result = weather.getWeather(city, country);
      /** Print weather details returned by the service */
    } catch (IOException e) {
      throw new Error("Error when calling the weather service",e);



Weather composite

The weather client implements the java.lang.Runnable interface. This interface is exposed as an SCA runnable service by the weather composite.

Test the weather example

You can now test by yourself the FraSCAti weather example. For that, go in the $FRASCATI_HOME/examples/weather directory, then perform the following steps:

Generate the Java interfaces from the WSDL definition:

$ frascati wsdl2java -u -o src/generated/java
FraSCAti: generating Java from WSDL...
  WSDL file: src/main/wsdl/globalweather.asmx-WSDL.wsdl
  output directory : src/main/java
Java code successfully generated!

Implement and compile the business code of your client, by using the generated interface (net.webservicex.GlobalWeatherSoap). This code is available in the sources of the example or here.

$ frascati compile src weather
Compiling ...
Library weather.jar created!


This command requires the* libraries provided since Java 6. For running this example with Java 5, add to your classpath the geronimo-ws-metadata_2.0_spec-1.1.2 jar, available in $FRASCATI_HOME/lib.

Then run the example, using the following command:

$ frascati run weather -libpath weather.jar -s r -m run