Chapter 7. OW2 FraSCAti Explorer

Table of Contents

Launching FraSCAti Explorer
Loading an SCA composite description
Browsing an SCA application
FraSCAti explorer plugins
FraSCAti Script plugin


OW2 FraSCAti Explorer is a management tool for SCA-based applications running on top of OW2 FraSCAti.

It relies on the Fractal Explorer ( tool.


A non-exhaustive list of functionalities:

  • loading and starting an SCA composite file (from a file system or inside a jar)

  • exploring a running SCA application

    • discovering SCA composites

    • discovering SCA components

    • discovering SCA services and references

    • discovering SCA properties

    • discovering SCA bindings

    • discovering SCA intents

  • start/stop components or composites

  • invoke methods (only the run() method at this time)

  • switch from the SCA view to the Fractal Vie

  • reconfigure applications dynamically.