Chapter 9. Dynamic reconfiguration with OW2 FraSCAti

Table of Contents

Some dynamic reconfiguration samples
Starting / Stopping an SCA component
Update an SCA property
Add / Remove an SCA intent
Wire / Unwire SCA components
Add / Remove SCA binding
Add / Remove an SCA component
Update a component implementation class


OW2 FraSCAti brings reflectivity and reconfiguration to SOA. This chapter will present some reconfiguration you can perform dynamically on running SCA applications. There is more than one way you can use to perform reconfiguration. For instance, you can use OW2 FraSCAti Explorer to reconfigure with the help of the GUI. You can also use OW2 FraSCAti FScript that is a script language dedicated to architecture introspection and reconfiguration. Last, you can use the Fractal API via the ReconfigurableComponentContext available in SCA components implementation with the help of the @Context annotation.