Chapter 2. FraSCAti examples

This section lists the examples available in the distribution. Each example provides a README file with a short description of the example and how to test it.

The three first examples are used by the tutorial to show how to develop an SCA application with POJO (Plain Old Java Objects), with Java Annotations, and with a remote binding:

Next examples show how to use web services with FraSCAti:

Next examples show how to use the RESTful binding with FraSCAti:

The chat example shows how to expose an SCA service in a Java RMI registry and how to consume it with SCA clients: one basic command line client and one GUI client. The GUI client [requires Maven] shows how to load SCA composites from standards Java objects.

All previous examples are using primitive components with a Java implementation. Next example illustrates how to develop a primitive SCA component with a script implementation:

Finally, the following example shows how to compose two examples of FraSCAti: the Twitter one and the Weather one. This example retrieve the location of a given Twitter user then use the weather service to get the current weather in the Twitter user's city.