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About OW2 FraSCAti

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OW2 FraSCAti is an open-source implementation of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) standard.

The OW2 FraSCAti platform supports the following specifications:

  • SCA Assembly Model
  • SCA BPEL Component Implementation
  • SCA Java Component Implementation
  • SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs
  • SCA Spring Component Implementation
  • SCA JMS Binding
  • SCA Web Services Binding

In addition, OW2 FraSCAti provides a set of extensions to the standard:

For more details, read OW2 FraSCAti User Guide and have a look to OW2 FraSCAti examples.

Ready for Cloud Computing

OW2 FraSCAti is ready for Cloud Computing, you can check the list of supported Cloud providers.



Getting the binaries

All binaries are available on the OW2 FraSCAti forge.

Getting the sources

You can visit the OW2 FraSCAti SVN page for instructions on how to perform a checkout of the sources.

Mailing Lists

OW2 FraSCAti mailing lists are available here.


OW2 FraSCAti is used by the following projects:


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